"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him ... but let him ask in faith, with no doubting"      James 1:5

Coach Z is not responsible for mental, physical or monetary damages due to information or links within this site.  Being involved in the sport of football and following dreams is a choice with risks.

 There are many aspects to preparation and competitive success.  Knowing your role on the team, training, studying/implementing the playbook are a few examples.  But nothing compares to taking that first step in seizing an opportunity.  Are you ever going to be completely prepared to follow your football or life goals?  Are you waiting until everything is perfect before attempting a football aspiration?  Are you allowing someone else to determine when your step towards success will happen?  Why?  Everything will never be perfect and we are all in charge of our own success.  So make Carpe Diem - seize the day - your battle cry.

 On this site there are articles, playbooks, links to helpful sites, workouts and up-to-date pro tryout information.  It's a free tool to use for competitive success.  Now it's your ball 1st and goal.  Are you going to take the steps to win the game of your life ... today?  You can accomplish anything you desire but dreams are tough in the area that you (sorry for the ol’ cliché) ‘reap what you sow’.  Put forth 78.5% and get that in return.  Speaking from personal experience there is nothing worse than standing at the threshold of your dream only to watch it slip away.

 The difference between success and running in circles is:

· Do you love what you do?

· Did you learn anything from winning?

· Did you learn anything from losing?

· Do you understand everything happens for a reason and how to apply it?

· Are you seizing the day?

 Most understand how a computer works.  It is capable of marvelous things but it cannot provide its own input.  The raw data must be processed according to the way the computer is designed to work.  If bad is processed into it bad comes out ... right?

 You are a super computer, comprised between the brain and nervous system.  The difference between you and an actual computer is we provide our own input.  Sensory perception and the thought process determines what you think, the way you view the world and contributes to the results of your life goals.

 While it’s easy to marvel at the efficiency of computers, we often fail to notice there is so much more wizardry in a football player catching a pass.  You have the snap of the football, reading the defense while the roar of the crowd rings in your head, with this the players leap into action.  The receiver must be in position to catch the football before it hits the ground by judging the speed and direction of the ball while making allowances for wind, decrease/increase in arc, and other relations in speed or direction.  Not to mention opponents zeroing in on you.  All of this to be in the right place to make final contact with the football in under 6 seconds.

 As a player you don’t consciously think about all of this.  Your built-in success mechanism accepts and processes all information for sight and sound sensors along with past attempts at this task, which mentally instructs the body.

 Understand that your system won’t fail you.  It's designed to bring into reality whatever you project into your mental input.  So start today and make Carpe Diem a daily thought.