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Team Recognition Intiatives

Have you ever felt ‘slighted’ by your organizations lack of recognition or frustrated that a basic “Thanks” is not offered while others in the organization get recognition, or as in pro sports signing bonuses.  It seems to have become all about contracts not the teams overall performance.  Agree?

Randomly handing out signing bonuses or trophies doesn't mean its going to work to improve your team and build specific behaviors.

In my opinion, along with Globoforce research, the most successful recognition program is peer-based.  This places staff and teammates with the power to recognize the value of each other.  It also lifts the burden from coaches and staff to be constantly looking for someone to recognize. This also helps players and staff to believe the teams philosophy of building and future success.

Everyone in your system needs to feel good. Not just the same small group every week, month or year. If you’re going to have rewards it should be flexible and build affinity to the team. There’s always someone different that contributes towards your teams foundation either during a great win or close loss.

Here’s a few quick tips to build a recognition program:

· Each team member needs to understand the value of each other and that everyone has a voice.

· Make it social. When others see others getting recognition, they want to get in on it, which makes it grow organically.

· Give the recognized staff or player an opportunity to mentor and spread the teams value (ie; pep talk, lead warm-ups, etc…).

· Make the system easy for everyone to use when offering recognition to someone weather online or a ballot box.

Most of all let future staff and players know you care and have a great program. Team recognition and future growth goes hand-in-hand. Everyone gets replaced at some point and the teams future depends on what's being built now.

 Make them feel good and they'll perform.