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Fun Football Stuff - Page 5
There Are 5 Pages of Great, And Some Not so Great, Football Jokes
  • When Deon Sanders asked Papa John Pizza how many toppings he could have, Papa John said "You can pick six."
  • Did you hear about the football player that asked the Coach to flood the football field?  He wanted to go in as a sub.

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  • Q:  How do the (insert a team name) count to 10?
      0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 0-7, 0-8, 0-9, 0-10
  • Did you hear about the football game with the 0-0 score?  Never mind ... it's pointless.
  • Q:  Where do football players dance?
    At a football.

  • One day the big animals and the little animals decided to have a football game.  As the first half went along, the big animals were scoring at will.  Every time they got the ball they would run it in for a touchdown. Then came the second half ... First play: The elephant runs the ball up the middle. WAP!! Tackled for a five yard loss.  The little animals go back to the huddle cheering and congratulating each other.  "Who made that tackle?" asked the ant. "I did," said the centipede.  Second play: The rhinoceros runs the ball up the middle. WHOMP!!  Tackled for another five yard loss.  Back in the huddle the flea asked, "Who made that great stop?" "I did," said the centipede.  Third play: The gorilla tries an end sweep, led by the hippo throwing the lead blocks. SMACK!!  Centipede tackles him for a ten yard loss.  Back in the huddle, the gnat asked the centipede, "Where were you in the first half?"  The centipede replied, "Puttin' on my shoes!"
  • Do you know why the (insert a team name) could'nt get a website?  Because they could't put three W's in a row.
  • Q:  Why did the ghost join the football team?
    A:  He heard the team needed a little spirit.
  • Q:  What kind of tea does a football player drink?
    A:  Penalteas.