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Love The Battle

How do average, everyday people accomplish the remarkable? Ask 'em.

They will be quick to tell you ... they were not any good in the beginning.

So what is the answer?

We all know that to be successful at anything takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.  To be successful in athletics takes discipline to practice the skills and techniques over and over again.  It takes conditioning the mind and body to withstand a tremendous amount of stress.  It takes learning the strategies and tactics of the sport so you can out smart your opponents.  It takes setting high goals, eating healthy, operating with a great attitude and being willing to overcome extraordinary adversity.

But first and foremost it takes desire!  Desire to be the very best athlete that you can be.

It all starts with DESIRE.  Do you desire to be the best?  Do you want it bad enough?  Are you willing to pay the price for the thrill of victory?  If the answer is YES... then you are on your way.  Only you can determine what you desire in life.  For me the thrill of victory is the ultimate high. So needless to say, I had a great desire burning inside of me.

For elite guys...they want it oh so bad!  The Brett Favres of the world want it so bad they can taste it.  But these guys not only have the desire ... they have learned to love the journey.  They love the challenge.  They love the training. But most of all, they love the battle!

The battle is how you get to victory.  Without the battle, without the struggle, the victory would be meaningless and empty.

Just like any sport technique or skill, enjoying or loving the battle must be practiced.  It must be honed.  This attitude must be cultivated daily.  Having fun and enjoying the fight is what it is all about.  Think about it ... isn't life too short not to enjoy it?

So, do you love what your are doing?  Do you enjoy your sport?  Do you look forward to the fight?  Do you long for the moment when you can get into the battle?

Loving success is easy.  Loving the whole process of achieving success is really what helps one advance to the next level of competitive skill.  We must constantly remind ourselves to love the battle.  We must love the process; love the fight, and the struggle as well as the success.  Learn to love the process and the success will take care of itself.

I encourage you to have some fun.  Put yourself in the battle and practice thinking humorous thoughts.  Practice thinking how you love the combat.  It doesn't matter if you are winning or not ... think about how much fun the battle really is.  Yes, you can grit your teeth and be mean and tough, but still smile deep down inside because you realize how much fun the fight really is.

If you ten to get nervous, think goody or off the wall thoughts and your nervousness will disappear.  When your emotions start to get the better of you, remember that internal laughter will put you back on track.  Life is too short to be stressed out.  You can and should learn to control stress.

Practice your mental focus in the present time.  Operate in the here-and-now especially during competition.  This will enhance your "Ideal Competitive State" and your talent and skill will come alive.  During the battle, if you think about the past or future, it may hamper your ability to really open up and go for it.  Enjoy the present moment and your performance will flourish.

During the competition how many athletes tend to only think about the results?  That is not enjoying the battle.  We must look forward to moment and live it like there is no tomorrow!

Think energy!  Energy is everything. Generating a high level of positive energy will create that dynamic fight.  It will help you to heighten those positive emotions that will make you strong and confident.  Think fun and positive energy will start to flow immediately.  Say to yourself ... "I love it!  Isn't it great!  Show me the pressure!"

When you get into those close competitions remind yourself how you love it.  You love the pressure, you love the excitement, and you love putting it all on the line.  For you, life would be too boring if you did it any other way.  No holding back, no excuses, you are going for it.  You will do the best you can on this given day.  You will play to win at all cost and then be proud of whatever happens.  You will accept the results and forge ahead to get even better yet the next day.

You got to love it!

Steve Fraser
Olympic Gold Medal Wrestling Champion