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Offensive Line Recognition Call Example

Here's a system for your offensive line to use when determining and calling the defensive formation they see.

Center call
Front determined by defensive alignment over center - 3 lineman side - 2 lineman side

Alignment over Center

1)  Covered DL- one or both G uncovered (50 front)

2)  Uncovered w/ 1 or 2 lb in G box (80/40)

3)  Covered w/ both G covered (bear)

Strong Alignment (3 Lineman side)

1)  Center call DT technique (80/40)

2)  Tackle call DT technique (50)

Strong tackle calls (3 OL)

1)  Regular

2 Heavy

3)  Load

Weak tackle calls (2 OL)

1)  Regular

2)  Load

3)  Open

4)  Eagle


LB Alignments    Tackle box looks Additional terms
Stack - LB stacked (str/wk 50) Regular - T uncovered (2 Box) Hang - LB outside on LOS
Stout - Str. LB out Heavy - T covered (2 Box) Head - Straight up tech
Stub - Wk. LB out Load - 3 in T read Hip - LB outside on hip
Out - both LB out Clamp - inside shade (E WK T) Wide - outside shade tech
In - both LB in open    
Strong - 2 LB str  (weak in box)  
Eagle - wk G and T cov (50)     
Weak - 2 LB wk.  
Dog - 1 A gap LB    
Single - 1 LB (str/wk 50)