Why Play Football?
"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him ... but let him ask in faith, with no doubting"      James 1:5

Coach Z is not responsible for mental, physical or monetary damages due to information or links within this site.  Being involved in the sport of football and following dreams is a choice with risks.

I believe – because football gives a youngster an opportunity make himself a better person on and off the field that football is basic training.  This basic training can be an essential part for being successful in a competitive world.

Basic Training

1)  Football prepares you to work with a variety of people – people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and people with a variety of mental and physical abilities.  You will have to do it everyday throughout life to be successful.

2)  To play football you have to meet academic standards to be eligible – you have to meet high intellectual standards to be successful in life.

3)  Football teaches you how to deal with the bumps, bruises, and bloody noses that the game throws at you and life creates bumps, bruises and bloody noses too.

4)  Football takes an emotional investment from your heart and soul to help the team and teammates to be successful.  So does life take an emotional investment to be successful.

5)  Football teaches time management – management for academic, athletic, and social needs.  Time management is an important function in life.

6)  Football requires sacrifices – so does life – give unselfishly.

7)  Football develops an understanding of the concept of team.  After you leave football you will be on a team for a long time.

8)  Football helps you to learn to take instructions.  A necessity in football and business.

9)  Football requires accepting responsibility to win – blocking the right defender – covering the right receiver – helping teammates get better and helping them not to do something ‘stoopid’.  Responsibility is a lesson in leadership.

10)  Football teaches you to play with aches and pains.  You will have to do that numerous times as you go through life.

11)  Football challenges your brain – so work it overtime – pay attention to detail.  Working overtime and paying attention to detail will help you climb the dollar ladder.

12)  Football fundamentals make you a better player and fundamentals in the workplace will make you successful.

13)  Football teaches that hard work pays off – practice hard everyday to get better.  You will have to work hard on the job everyday to be successful.

14)  It is important in football to learn to handle success and disappointments to maintain a positive attitude – win or lose.  Don’t be an idiot when winning or losing. That could cost you a good job.

15)  Football creates lasting friendships – friendships and networking that can create job opportunities in the future.

This article is an excerpt from “I Believe in Cream, Apples, and Football” by Larry Beckish.