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Winning vs Success

One tough issue, out of many, that a football coach faces is team building.  Regardless of your coaching level there is a fine line between focusing on winning or building a successful team.  Is there a difference between winning and success?  Definitely.

Here are definitions per the dictionary:

win - vb
*  to achieve first place in a competition
*  to gain or receive (a prize, first place, etc.) in a competition
*  to succeed in or gain (something) with an effort: We won recognition

success - n
*  the favorable outcome of something attempted
*  the attainment of wealth, fame, etc.
*  an action, performance, etc., that is characterized by success
*  a person or thing that is successful
more than once

Do you see the fine line?

Which would you rather obtain?  Winning or success?

What’s better for your staff and players?

So what are the building blocks to success?  As a new coach it’s important to develop and write a coaching philosophy.  As an experienced coach it’s more important to revisit your philosophy often.  These should encompass the whole organization becoming successful.  Then you will have a successful team that wins as a result.

Successful teams win games, excel, and support each other.  Building a successful team, then, requires experience, motivation and ingenuity.

Coaches who succeed at team building are communicators (not dictators), have vision and  leadership skills.  They listen to others but draw the line when handling an unwieldy group.  This means being organized, trustworthy, self-disciplined and standing up for the team, regardless.

A great coach is not always loud and extroverted.  One example is Tony Dungy who was known for not yelling but built a couple of successful teams in Tampa Bay and Indianapolis.  A good team builder can communicate softly yet say a lot.

As seen, it’s a fine line between winning and success.  That’s why it’s important to have a solid philosophy and focus on the success of your organization.  Not winning.  After all … everyone wants to win.  What sets your team apart from them?  Success!

If your coaching time is focused on winning, chances are you’re not successful.  Football is much more than X's and O’s.